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Pros & Cons Of Crushed Glass Countertops

We all love to do home interiors and specially kitchen where we consider a stylish and modern look.

Following the latest trends, we all know that crushed glass countertops are in vogue and considered to be the best as being eco-friendly, durable and looks amazing.

Are Crushed Glass really right for your home? Are they durable and long lasting?

Well yes, at all times and amongst all products available in the market today no one can replace Crushed Glass Countertops due to their immense quality and reliability.

Today millions of interior lovers and architects recommend crushed glass countertops as they are the right addition in your kitchen remodel.

What Are Crushed Glass Countertops?

crushed glass countertops

Recycled glass are crushed and used to manufacture countertops. These crushed glass aggregates are evenly used and set in either concrete or an acrylic matrix in order to get a beautiful and durable countertops of ones choice.

The usage of crushed glass and mirror chips in the countertops ends up with a rough mosaic of matrix and glass that offers beautiful finish and smooth surface, providing a unique and modern aesthetic to the countertop.

These crushed glass gives a beautiful feel when mixed with concrete as the countertops gives a mosaic feel and adds a unique value to the kitchen and bathroom aesthetics.

Besides if these crushed glass and crushed mirror chips are used in acrylic countertops they give an impression of floating glass chunks likely.

Though the properties of acrylic and concrete differ as acrylic countertops requires more care in comparison to concrete since they are tougher and holds more resistant ratio since they are sealed like a stone countertops.

The crushed glass are available in variety of colors and have their own unique charm.

It’s still better to know what its pros & cons of crushed glass countertops and what is more good about using crushed glass chips and why it’s better as compare to other materials.

The new trend with Quality

trendy countertops

There are many pros of using crushed glass countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial places.

The most important is the cost factor and its price as compared to other material like natural stones, marble or granite.

The material costs of high end-granite is quite higher and so is the installation, whereas the countertops made of recycled glass costs much cheaper.

Moreover crushed glass are usually made with post-consumer glass and is mostly procured from recycling plants and saves the environment as these glass aggregates aren’t always disposed of properly.

Since crushed glass is also remarkably resilient material it is considered more relaible for countertops. Like most stone made countertops,  you can cut directly on it without fear of scratches since it’s quite resistant to its impact on the surface.

Easy to clean and maintain. Doesn’t require any frequent re sealing like other matrix materials which require occasional reseal. Since crushed glass are more resilient to chemicals and substances than natural stones; granite or marble, therefore one doesn’t have to invest in expensive cleaners.

It’s cheap and easy maintaining these countertops and always appreciated in the long run and highly recommended for longer usage and life. 

Finally, one should add to its important feature is its “uniqueness.”  It’s not just lower in price, durable but also stands out among the other natural stones due to the colors of glass that reflects and makes it more appealing.

Different patterns can be achieved in the countertops and no one can beat it’s own uniqueness and look in the slabs.

Is a Recycled Glass Countertop The Right Choice?

Recycled Glass Countertop

It’s a relative novelty. Due to its lower cost more people prefer recycled glass countertops than natural stones.  Here it’s not just the lower price that m matters most, it’s the features. It’s durable, environmental friendly, highly sustainable, easy maintenance, beautiful aesthetics and more color choices available.

There are different varieties available that makes one’s choice easier.  It’s the most cost effective way to add a spark and splash of color and also add some life to a kitchen without spending much and saving more for other necessities.

Basically: It is the safe choice for almost any home around the globe.

Are You Looking For Your Recycled Glass Countertop?

Recycled Glass Countertop

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or Bathroom vanity and you need a valuable advice with choice of colors and more than you can always get in touch with

While they’re new to the market, there are already some great name brands who work with reputable fabricators like International Granite and Stone to help you bring your imagined counter to life.

If you’re looking for something different and new that is also environmentally sustainable, then look no further and select the unique countertops for your interior.

Pros Of Crushed Glass Countertops

pros Of Crushed Glass Countertops
  • The beauty and unique aesthetic of crushed glass countertops are one of the primary reasons to get them. There are so many color options for these countertops and the color combinations are practically endless.
  • The colors can be combined to create any desired look, whether it be more earth-like tones for a neutral appearance or contrasting color combinations for a contemporary look.
  • Crushed glass is used you can guarantee that your countertops will be unique, this is because crushed glass is always configured differently.
  • If you choose to embed the crushed glass in concrete you will achieve more of a mosaic appearance, and if you choose to use acrylic to encase the crushed glass you will achieve more of a liquid glass look.
  • Some homeowners will even backlight the acrylic crushed glass countertops to give is a dramatic visual appearance.
  • Both acrylic and concrete based countertops are extremely durable and strong, especially the concrete countertops. They are both very easy to clean since the glass, acrylic, and properly sealed concrete are non-absorbent. The concrete crushed glass countertops should be sealed to ensure that nothing can be absorbed into the countertops.
  • Finally, as stated before, these countertops are eco-friendly, using recycled glass. 

Cons Of Crushed Glass Countertops

cons of crushed glass countertops
  • While the strength and durability of the crushed glass are a strength, it can also be a weakness in certain situations. If a very large amount of weight is placed on a non-supported area, such as the corner, it could crack.
  • They also need extra precautions taken with certain food choices. Anything acidic, such as tomatoes being left in one spot for too long, can mar the acrylic surface, harsh cleaners can do this as well. Being careful and aware will prevent this from happening.
  • The countertops can also be a bit expensive, often ranging from $50-$100 per square foot, however, typically the cost is less than other natural stone options such as marble.
  • They are a terrific choice that you can feel good about if you care about the environment.
  • Hopefully, now that you are aware of some of the major pros and cons of these unique countertops, you can make your decision a little more easily. If you want to check out crushed glass or other materials for yourself.
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