With 13 years of experience in Glass and Mirror producing and exporting, BSG is becoming a leading global supplier of Glass chips and Mirror chips products. For more details Contact Us.

BSG Glass Chip is one professional Glass and Mirror chips producer, based in Foshan City, Guangdong province, South of China.

We have 3 Hammer-milling production lines and 2 Ball milling production lines which could provide maximum capacity of 20,000 metric tons glass/mirror chips to satisfy different customers demands.

Every one of BSG always bears in mind ”Good quality products, competitive prices and on time delivery“. BSG guarantees smooth service and maintains the close, individualized attention of our professionals with respect to our customers.

Today we proudly offer our products to both domestic and export markets. Both practical and elegant, our products help to turn your vision into reality.

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Quality &


We observe Quality Management at each step. Since BSG Glass introduced the best and modern glass deep processing equipment with international advanced level for production, thereby having a large-scale glass chips processing production lines with advanced technology and complete customer support at our end.

Our products are environmental friendly and safe with no smell, no pollution, no poison and no cauterization and thriving to change the recycle material into valuables so as to save energy and protect our environment by introducing the modern state of art production technology.



We and our partners are all one family, one team.

Our corporate growth has been forged on the basis of a firm commitment: to integrate all BSG employees into a large family, keeping training and education. Each day we are committed to do better than the day before, by studying innovative solutions that improve the quality of our products and our daily work, whilst respecting the environment

More RDI enables better products

Ongoing improvement and replacement of our machinery and industrial equipment enable us to stay on the cutting edge and offer our customers new-generation high-quality products at all times. We surely know that BSG should grow while preserving the flexibility and independent decision-making spirit.

Sustainability for the future

Our mission is to satisfy the current needs of our customers with better solutions. This motivates us to develop products that are increasingly sustainable and production processes that are more environmentally efficient.

To expand our international scope.

To improve our professional consultancy services and other services in general, we continue to expand our sales network across all continents: the world is our market.

Our customers as a source of inspiration

Listening to proposals and interacting with our customers enables us to rapidly adapt to market needs, which translates into new solutions in formats, finishes, sizes, colors and even packaging

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