BSG produce Crushed mirror glass chips, include Double Sides Mirror Chip, White Backside Mirror Chip, Black backside Mirror Chip which can provide a very good reflective effect on the different colors series final product. Such as quartz stone, engineering stone, and other man-made stone products.

BSGglasschip® believe in quality and trust, therefore our mirror glass chips are cleaned up carefully before crushing the raw material.

For a better quality mirror coating, we use high-tech crushing system to crush the raw material so as to keep the mirror percentage at a higher level during crushing. Customers use less mirror chips quantity in production with higher reflective result by using our BSG mirror chips.

The different mirror glass chips have reflective quality which gives a stunning combination of different colors series quartz stone, engineering stone or other man-made stone and decoration field.


Crushed Mirror Glass Chips Types

mirror chips

Black Backside

crushed mirror glass

Double Sides

White Backside

Crushed Mirror Glass Chips Sizes

0.1 - 0.6mm

0.6 - 1.2mm

1.2 - 2.5mm

1.0 - 3.0mm

2.5 - 4.0mm

3 - 6mm

4 - 6mm

Other sizes are available


  • Used in quartz stone, engineering stone production and displays areas to give a modern and sleek look.
  • Crushed mirror glass chip looks absolutely amazing in polished concrete or docoration fields as its gives a sparkling reflection effect and looks amazing in different atmosphere.


  • Each application is 100% unique.
  • More open space feel, as natural light reflects off the mirror glass and is then projected around the area.
  • One can personalize the Mirror Glass Chip is through incorporating another product type such as colored glass chip or special products.

Order Note:

We have size range of crushed mirror glass chip, which are available in different packaging to suit a wide variety of applications.

Minimum Order Qty: 1 Metric Ton/Size, 1 or 1.25 Metric Tons/Jumbo Bag, 20 Jumbo Bags/20’GP, or small bag of 25KGS/Bag.

Other packing is available as per requirement
Very dry, clean and no impurity
Capacity: 5,000 Metric tons per month

Mirror Chips Applications


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