glass chips for quartz stone

Glass Chips for Quartz Stone Production


The ancient flooring techniques in ancient times shows artisans rich ideas and beautiful craftsmanship. For centuries they have labored with different types of mineral aggregates and stones to develop beautiful work and masterpiece of art.

The new technology that uses Glass chips in Quartz stone manufacturing process reflect the ancient art techniques and similarly new technology synthesizes more than 90% quartz crystals or glass chips and crushed mirror chips with resin and other trace elements. Quartz stone manufacturing process requires different types of Glass and Mirror chips that comes in different colors, sizes and shapes.  The glass chips used in quartz stone gives it a unique gloss and shine.

These Glass Mirror Chips are available in many colors; likely crystal white, blue, red, brown, black, gold, silver, purple and more. It’s the main decorative material in quartz production process specially used in countertops designed for Bathroom vanity, Kitchen countertops, bars and more.

Usage of Glass Chips & Crushed Mirror Chips

The popularity of Terrazzo floorings and quartz kitchen countertops continues to grow with new modern interior trends and style. It’s also popular due to its wide range of colors option and designs. Since Glass chips and crushed mirror chips are the most essential element used in countertops and flooring manufacturing.

The popularity ratio rises due to its convenient maintenance and its durability and versatility. The usage of crushed glass and crushed mirrors gives enhances the surrounding and gives a beautiful finish and adds richness and style to the finish countertops and floorings.

Since modern countertops and floorings are embed with glass chips and mirror chips of different colors and size, the decorative concrete are now no more restricted to limited colors. There are many variations that can be applied that involves chip size used, quantities of glass used, mixing of different glass and mirror chips colors etc.

Thus these Crushed Glass Chips and Crushed Mirror Chips provide a unique look and develops a signature product for those who are interiors freak and love art and designs. There are many ways Glass and mirror chips being applied; they can be added to concrete counters either by seeding the surface or mixing the glass chips directly.

Why Crushed Glass Aggregates are best for engineering stone production?

  • Environment friendly as they help in creating positive impact by reducing waste in landfills.
  • Easy to work with crushed glass aggregates as they give clean, clear visibility and available in required sizes.
  • Adds rich looks and enhance the surface.  Countertops and slabs Looks more appealing and unique.
  • Easy to handle and create designs in countertops and flooring surfaces.
  • Easily available in several different colors and sizes.

The unique effect of using  Crushed Glass Chips  and Mirror Chips can transform a floor and surface and create beautiful countertops that are not only environmentally sustainable but also gives a stunning look. The usage of glass chips and mirror chips ensures more glaze and increase the durability.

Crushed Glass Chips & Mirror Chips helps you in creation of countertop and flooring style that is totally yours!

Quartz engineered stones have become an essential part of every home and lifestyle. It’s designed and crafted so beautifully with colored aggregates; specially crushed glass chips, crushed colored glass chip and mirror chips that enhances it appearance and makes it worth the place.

These Glass chips and mirror aggregates gives deep colours and stunning textures.  Thy have added colors to engineered stones manufacturing and has become an important features that helps to enhance your home and interiors spaces.

Thanks to the new era technology with less maintenance a durable product is manufactured and the colored glass aggregates adds sustainability, resistance and makes it perfect for daily use.

 Moreover usage of crushed clear glass chips or colored glass chips or mirror chips embedded in concretes and countertops gives a long term usage of manmade stone and its features includes; uniform density with 100% recycled glass usage and it’s an excellent replacement to Silica sand. Beside its suited to give different styles to countertops designs and adds high resistance value to the surface and helps in resisting knocks and scratches, keeping the surface it long lasting and new as ever.


The unique designs that is created using glass chips and mirror chips makes your concrete countertops a master piece. Don’t hesitate to  inquire more about combining crushed glass chips or mirror chips options with our experts and get ideas for even more aspiring design elements.

Crushed Glass Chips aren’t just for countertops and slabs. Make a difference by using BSG Glass Chip for concrete pavers, floorings and other landscaping projects.

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